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The Patriotic Sunday - 'Actual Fiction'

by The Patriotic Sunday


Recorded and mixed by Miguel Constantino
Mastered by Chad Clark
Words and Music by Eric Pasquereau
Arranged by Paul Loiseau, Julien Chevalier & Benoît Lauby
Vocal Arrangements by Paul Loiseau
Artwork by Pierre Verdon
Catalogue: MM002 (LP) / FRVsens28

1- Grey Hair
2- A Set Of Seemingly Disconnected Words
3- Self Employment
4- Quiet And Slow
5- Coathanger In The Party Room
6- Everyman's Voice
7- Fiction
8- Belgrade
9- I'll Talk If You Know What To Say
10- Wet Blanket
11- The Fire
12- Pigeonholed

(c) Murailles Music -Collectif-Effervescence 2011

Listen to 'A Set of Seemingly Disconnected Words', excerpt from 'Actual Fiction'