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Ramona Córdova - 'Spring' (7")

by Ramona Córdova



Performers are :
- Ramón V.A. (voice, guitar electric, synth)
- Marina Voznyuk (harpsichord-spinet & piano)
- Dom La Nena (cello)
- Gaspar Claus (cello)

All songs written by Ramón V.A.
Cello arrangements by Dom La Nena & Gaspar Claus
Harpsichord-spinet arrangement on hands of heaven by Marina Voznyuk
Harpsichord-spinet arrangement on ballroom and after all by Ramón V.A. & Marina Voznyuk
Piano arrangement on horses by Ramón V.A. & Marina Voznyuk

Recorded summer 2012, Saint-Brevin-les-Pins, France, by Antoine Lacoste
Mixed & Mastered by Antoine Gaillet

illustration by Susan A. Quinn
Graphic design by Cécile Binjamin, texts in History (designed by Peter Bil’ak) & Cyclone (by Hoefler & Frere-Jones)­

1- Spring (single version)
2- Spring (album version)

© Clapping Music / Murailles Music, 2013

Listen to 'Spring':