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Powerdove - 'Do you Burn ?'

by Powerdove


AT041 / MM007

Recorded and mixed by Annie Lewandowski, John Dieterich, Thomas Bonvalet, and Ben Piekut, January 2012
Mastered by John Dieterich
Album artwork by Leslie Brack

Powerdove are
- Annie Lewandowski : vocals/ prepared piano/ keyboard/ guitar
- John Dieterich: guitars/ bass
- Thomas Bonvalet: harmonica reeds/ six string banjo/ amps/ microphones/ feet tapping/ hand clapping/ tuning forks/ concertina/ guitar/ dry poppy pods/ whistlings

Band Website
Labels: www.africantape.com / www.muraillesmusic.com

1- Fellow
2- Under Awnings
3- Do you burn
4- Alder Tree I
5- Love Walked In
6- California
7- Flapping Wings
8- Red Can Of Paint
9- All ALong The Eaves
10- Out On The Water
11- Out Of The Rain
12- Wandering Jew
13- Alder Tree II

© Murailles Music / Africantape, 2013

Listen to 'Under Awnings', excerpt from 'Do You Burn':