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Powerdove - 'Arrest' (with poster)

by Powerdove



powerdove is:
- Annie Lewandowski : voice, piano, accordion
- John Dieterich : guitar, dobro
- Thomas Bonvalet : «Stringin’ It», audio Ducker, feet tapping, hand clapping, mouth organ, amplified office bell, six string banjo, metronomes with bell, drum skin, concertina, amplified harmonica, jay bird call, dry poppy pods plectrum, harmonica reed, componium, microphones, amps

All songs © powerdove (ASCAP) 2014, except «You Can Make Me Feel Bad» Arthur Russell © Audika Records 2004

Recorded by Ian Pellicci at Tiny Telephone (San Francisco, USA) July 2013
Mixed and mastered by powerdove, 2013

Artwork and design by Mark Beyer

1- Into the Sea
2- Be Mine
3- When You're Near
4- Easter Story
5- Seeing It
6- After Dark
7- Weeping Willow
8- You Can Make Me Feel Bad ( Arthur Russell Cover)
9- Paper Tiger
10- Birdsong
11- Ordinary

© Murailles Music, 2014

Contains 2014 tour poster by Mark Beyer !

Listen to 'Into The Sea', excerpt from 'Arrest':