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Papier Tigre - 'The Screw'

by Papier Tigre



Papier Tigre is:
- Éric Pasquereau : voice, guitar
- Arthur de La Grandière: guitar
- Pierre-Antoine Parois : drums

Recorded by Patrice Guillerme at Corner Box (Rocheservière, France), January-February 2015
Mixed by Patrice Guillerme & Papier Tigre
Mastered by Jason Ward at CMS (Chicago, USA), July-August 2015

Artwork and design by Atelier Bingo

1- 'The Other Me'
2- 'Mood Trials
3- 'Heebie Jeebies
4- 'In The Right Place'
5- 'Pajamas'
6- 'Matter Of Minutes'
7- 'And There Were Some Lonely Hands'
8- 'Naming Names'
9- 'Each And Every

© Murailles Music, 2016

Listen to 'Heebies Jeebies', excerpt from 'The Screw':